acklo is in private beta

Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹ — my name's Alex and I'm building acklo.

The word "beta" can mean different things for different products. I've written this document to help explain some of the expectations you should have for the acklo beta in particular.


The last thing I want to happen is for your application to suffer downtime because of an issue with acklo. That applies just as much to the beta as it will to the general release of acklo.

To this end, acklo's infrastructure has been set up to have multiple layers of automated redundancy, as well as separation between the servers that the web UI is hosted on and the ones that the SDK connects to.

In the absolute worst case scenario that all acklo services go down, the SDK would simply fallback to the last known good config, or the defaults provided in your config template.


Encryption both in transit and at rest is used both for the web UI and the API that the acklo SDK uses. Both acklo's infrastructure security and application security follow the guidelines layed out by AWS' well-architected framework.

Please bear in mind that acklo has not been built to store secrets. Your app's configuration can still be accessed in plain text to people with access to acklo's servers, and viewed on the Dashboard in plain text by any member of your workspace.


There aren't any tracking cookies being used on acklo, and I've got absolutely no plans to add any going forward. Analytics of site usage are gathered in a GDPR compliant way, using Plausible.

Your data is treated with respect, and is treated as your data. This means you have full control over it, so if for example you choose to delete an application on acklo, that application and all its related configuration really is deleted from acklo's servers.

Database backups are retained for seven days, application logs and sanitised web request traces are retained for seven days.


During the beta period there is no guaranteed level of support.

Please email me all feedback and support questions. I aim to respond to queries within 72 hours of receiving them.


During its beta period acklo will not cost anything. Getting feedback from early adopters is the most important thing, and that's payment enough.

Once acklo exits out of the beta it will cost to use. There will be plenty of notice given to early adopters before this happens. I'm not 100% sure what final pricing is going to look like, but my aim is for it to be on par or better than other SaaS products in the developer tools space.

Breaking changes

I aim to keep all changes to acklo backwards compatible, however it is possible that new features will require some migration to be performed by early adopters. If this happens I'll make sure plenty of notice is given.

Thanks for reading this, and an even bigger thanks if you decide to use acklo during its beta ๐Ÿ˜€!

— Alex

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