Module ConfigTemplate

acklo's config template definitions.

The config template file (acklo.config.yml) is used to specify the details of a configuration that is under management by acklo.

A ConfigTemplate can contain many Configurations, which can be used to separate distinct areas of your app that you'd like to configure, for example feature switches and server startup config.

version: v1
  - id: app_config
    name: App config
    description: Key configuration for the app.
      - id: log_level
        name: Log level
        type: string
        default: trace
      - id: port
        name: Server port
        type: number
        default: 3000
  - id: feature_switches
    name: Feature switches
    description: Feature switches for the app.
      - id: motd
        name: Message of the day
        type: string
        default: Be good to each other.
      - id: new_header
        name: Show new header
        type: boolean
        default: false


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