acklo Node.js SDK docs


Node.js SDK for acklo.

🏠 acklo | 🚀 Getting started guide | 📘 SDK documentation

acklo's node SDK is hosted on NPM

Getting started

To see complete guides for getting started with the SDK, check out the acklo docs.

Install it...

# Using NPM
npm install --save @acklo/node-sdk

# ... or using Yarn
yarn add @acklo/node-sdk

Use it...

// index.js
const acklo = new require("@acklo/node-sdk").AckloClient({
  applicationKey: "[YOUR APPLICATION KEY]",
  environmentName: "local",

await acklo.connect();

const todaysGreeting = acklo.get("config.greeting");
console.log(`${todaysGreeting} there!`);


Examples of how to use acklo have been set up in the examples directory of this repo.


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